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Amazing History Of Bodybuilding – Know And Understand Them

History of bodybuilding started when the intention rose in men for growing the musculature. People started exercise for building the body structure. This exercise began to work properly in human body. But it is personal pleasure to be trained as a body builder. Body building is so good for health. Gym is the best place for practicing body building. Pro status is a dream for men who take exercise for body building in the gym. The dream of gaining the pro status takes a man to the gym. In the history of bodybuilding there are many popular names like as: Eugen Sandow (birth, 1867), Oscard Attila (birth, 1844) & so on. People practice gym & body building for name & fame like them. The history of bodybuilding started in Europe in the very of 19th century.

You can choose legal steroids to remove side-effects on the health. You can learn about them to have the desired results. The building of body is possible for people. Understanding of history is essential for people. The body building is excellent to have desired results on performance at different activities.

History of bodybuilding- the 19th century:

Now here is the story of Oscard Attila & Eugen Sandow who played an important role in the history of bodybuilding. Oscard converted his hall of music into his career. He became a professional strongman. He took Sandow under him. He taught Sandow properly about body building. Sandow had a good genetics. He is an ideal for the body builders. He used a barbell that was shot loaded. This was a kind of globe that was filled by shot or sand. He invented many equipments like spring grip dumbbells for body building in his life. These equipments are used now also. He died in 1925. But body builders do not forget him. He is alive in the hearts of his followers.

History of bodybuilding- the 20th century:

In the early 20th century Charles Atlas & Bernarr Macfadden became so popular in the history of bodybuilding. Macfadden was an American. He moved to England for promoting his chest expander. He gave his exercise philosophy to the mass people by the magazine “physical development”. He played an important role in the physique contest. He established the posting style of the body builders. Sponsorship is necessary in a body building contest. This sponsorship was started from 1939. IFBB is the modern body building organization. It was established in 1946. Ben Weider established this organization. He was a Canadian promoter. His brother was a famous & professional body builder. His name was Joe Weider. He also directed a magazine about body building. This magazine was about training & fitness. He found the “Mr. Olympia” contest.

The history of body building was built on the intention of the body builders. They took part in different contests of body building. They earned from these competitions. Today’s young boys also want to be a good body builder as like as the famous body builders. Most of the body builders use steroids for making their figure now-a-days. But it is said as illegal (without prescription) in different countries. From the history of bodybuilding it is seen that the exploitation of the man who practiced body building is common. This is the short history of bodybuilding.

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