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Law Firm Marketing Ideas – Check The Ideas

Tried and true law firm marketing ideas (with a few that are out of the proverbial box as well) and a wealth of free resources to supercharge your practice, blast through your problems, enhance your effectiveness, and free up your time:

It is beneficial for mobile pop-up shop rental to have a look at the ideas. The solving of the problems is possible with proper practice. You can find the best ideas with proper research at the online platform. There is an enhancement in the effectiveness with saving time and cost.

Complimentary Consultation

Spend an hour on the phone with an expert law firm marketing coach, who has guided over 1,000 attorneys to success. Henry will unpack and solve the biggest constraint or challenge facing you or your practice.

The call is free and with no obligation. Just call Henry now at 888-434-3006.

31 Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies eBook

This e-book is replete with 31 proven, ultra-insider law firm marketing ideas. Implement these strategies immediately to secure more “ideal” clients, improve your ability to deliver superior legal service, generate more billable hours (without working harder), and learn how to work fewer hours than you are working now… with better results.

31-Day Marketing E-mail Course

Success at anything, including legal marketing, is a process, not a one-shot deal. You need a proper, structured education in marketing – an education you were not provided at law school. Through this 31-day course, you will gain tremendous insights into your problems and develop the ability to blow away the roadblocks that stand in the way of progress.

Practice Management Self-Test

Law firm marketing ideas are nice and how exactly DO you attract more profitable and qualified clients? Well, you have to know where you are and establish a baseline for two things.

This powerful test will open your eyes to 23 things (probably more) you can do today to work fewer hours, boost your client base, and increase your revenue by a minimum 17% or more. This may be the most productive time you spend all year.

Seven-Part Time Maagement/Productivity Course

As a practicing attorney, your time is worth its weight in gold (or at least silver bullion). Unfortunately, law school never taught you the proper principles of time management/productivity. As a result, you may be working late into the night, working weekends, ignoring your own needs for recreation, and ignoring the needs of your family. You can have all the law firm marketing ideas I give you and still not implement them with poor time management/productivity systems. This seven-part educational course will provide you with proven strategies that work for both solo attorneys and small firms.

Seven-Part Marketing Course

Classic management great Peter Drucker said it well: “marketing is the art of making selling superfluous.” In other words, with the proper law firm marketing ideas in place, you will build up your firm – generate client enthusiasm, possibly even zeal, for your services – without a fraction of the effort that you are investing now. What attorney wants to be a salesperson? Besides who wants to be sold?

Internet Marketing eBook

You know the web is awash in a sea of potential clients and opportunities. However, how do you navigate this ocean? This free, powerful, clearly written e-book puts you at the captain’s wheel; it will demystify the incorrect law firm marketing ideas and beliefs holding you back from online success while getting you realistic on what it takes to be successful online with legal marketing. P.S.: I don’t sell websites or internet marketing services thus I have no financial interest in your decisions. Read what an unbiased law firm marketing coach reveals to you in this eBook.

Keyword Research “How To”

Which keywords should you aim to “win” to meet your marketing goals? How do you find the right keywords without wasting time and effort delving into the nuances of law firm internet marketing. Learn these secrets, so you can focus on what really matters: the heart and soul of your practice and improving your own business knowledge and capacities.

Complimentary DISC Report

Success requires commitment to self-knowledge most of all. What are your beliefs about why people do the things they do, and are they true? Understanding your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is mission critical. Who are you? How do you best operate and which law firm marketing ideas fit your personality better? How should you position yourself with prospective clients to maximize the possibility they will hire you? Hone this knowledge with the DISC behavioral assessment tool. DISC boasts three decades of proven success in helping people be more successful in business and life in general. Get your complimentary DISC report to enhance your self knowledge or emotional IQ as well as your legal marketing.

Recruitment Skills

You can have all the great law firm marketing ideas and your team can defeat you. How do you hire the most qualified candidates for positions in your firm? How do you prevent high turnover rates? This recruitment skills for attorneys guide will save you massive energy and effort, when it comes to pre-employment testing and recruiting.


What are you tolerating right now in your life that is holding you back and causing chronic stress? It’s time to name names. This master list of 1,001 things that you need to stop tolerating will spark tremendous insight into your problems and help you to take action to overcome them.

“Changing for Good” for Lawyers

Learn the six stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, and termination. Discover how to adopt good behaviors to permanently change your thinking — and your law firm marketing ideas — for the better.

Ready for More Qualified and Profitable Clients? If you’re ready to start attracting more qualified and profitable clients, sign up for my free law firm marketing resources. Just fill in your name and primary email address below … then click the button that says “Send My Resources.” Claim Your Free Law Firm Marketing Ideas and

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