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Best Men’s Trekking Poles

Men’s trekking poles are an important item to remember on your next hiking trip. Trekking poles absorb shock from uneven terrain while hiking, and also give more support to the hiker to help prevent falls or accidents. This review will take a look at 5 of the best trekking poles, what makes them so great, where to get them, and price.

  1. Komperdell Men’s Contour Titanal Poles

This three way aluminum adjustable men’s trekking poles are the perfect fit for your next weekend hiking excursion. These poles feature nice lightweight grip that makes these poles easy on the hands for long hikes. These men’s trekking poles also feature a stop lock system to prevent the poles from folding up on their own, which in turn prevents injury when relying on trekking poles. These poles from Komperdell can be found at for around $109.97.

  1. Komperdell C2 Carbon Tour Poles

These men’s hiking poles are very lightweight yet very durable. These poles feature padded wrist straps as well as easy grip handles which are easy to grip even when wet. The poles are adjustable and work even in cold weather smoothly; these are top of the line trekking poles and are sure not to disappoint. These poles sell for around $149.95 and can be purchased at

  1. Sojourn Trek Pole

These men’s trekking poles are for the less intense hiker than the previous poles in this article. The Sojourn Trek poles are made from durable aluminum to withstand moderate hiking conditions; they also extend from 24″ to 54″ with a safety lock to prevent accidental folding. These men’s trekking poles can be found at for around $27.92.

  1. Komperdell Trail Lite Compact Titanal Trekking Poles

These poles are designed for the shorter individual yet are very durable and strong. The tips of these poles are made from a flexible material to prevent breaking in difficult areas while hiking; these poles can also be used for women and children due to their short stature. They go from 23.5″ to 49.25″ and come with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental closing. This product can be found at for around $69.99.

  1. BLACK DIAMOND Alpine CF Trekking Poles

These trekking poles by Black Diamond are ultra lightweight and provide great energy absorption. Those poles are great for downhill grip; the importance of a good feeling pole for downhill hiking can be invaluable. The strain on a hiker comes from mostly downhill when all the pressure is put on the feet while trying to stay stable. These poles can be found at for $129.95.

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