House Insurance Discounts

House insurance can be costly. One way to beat the price of house insurance is to take advantage of homeowner insurance discounts. Most insurance companies give you the homeowner insurance discounts without you ever asking for them. You can also ask for auto insurance to get lower premium rates. Get your Classic Car Insurance from the experts so that you get your home and vehicle safe from all kinds of emergencies. 

What are home insurance discounts? Home insurance discounts are like car insurance discounts. The homeowner insurance discounts are available to everyone, but only a small portion of homeowners qualifies for all the discounts. The discounts will help lower the house insurance premium. Some of the discounts are understandable, the other discounts you might not have thought about being house insurance discounts.

House insurance discounts:

  1. Credit – Your credit score could have an effect on your house insurance. A low credit score will cause your house insurance to be more than if you had a high credit score. Credit scores to the insurance companies show responsibility.
  1. No Pets, Specifically dogs – Home Owners insurance includes liability for accidents that happen on your property. If you have pets, you have a greater chance of having liability claims, especially if your pet is a dog. If you don’t have pets, your homeowner’s insurance policy will be less than if you do.
  1. No Structural Damage – Insurance companies want to make sure you don’t already have damage before you purchase house insurance. If you have damage to your home, you may try to make a claim on it.
  1. Newer home – A newer home is less likely to need repairing or to have as much damage as an older home. Insurance companies would rather insure newer homes than older homes just because newer homes are less likely to be a liability.
  1. Newer roof – House insurance covers roofs. You can get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance if your roof is new. Insurance companies are more likely to have claims against older roofs than they are to have claims against newer roofs. So, if you have a newer roof be sure to let the insurance company know so you can qualify for a discount on your insurance.
  1. Not in a flood zone – Before purchasing a home check to make sure your house isn’t in a flood zone. If you don’t live in a flood zone, you will get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.
  1. No bankruptcy – If you haven’t had a bankruptcy you get a discount off your house insurance. Bankruptcy to insurance companies means irresponsible individuals. If you haven’t had a bankruptcy, your house insurance will be less.
  1. No DUI’s – That’s right, insurance companies want to know how responsible you are in your personal life. They ask if you have ever had a DUI. Insurance companies give a discount for not having DUI’s. No DUI means you are responsible and less likely to be a liability to an insurance company.
  1. Married – Insurance companies will give a discount if you are married. Being married means you are at least trying to be responsible in the eyes of the insurance companies. Just like car insurance, you will get a discount for being married.
  1. Wood or Concrete Structure – Depending on the type of material your home is made of, will depend on whether or not you get a discount for a concrete structure.
  1. Maintained – A maintained home is usually owned by responsible owners who will take care of their home so a claim won’t have to be made against the insurance. Insurance companies give a discount if your house is maintained.
  1. Have you had continuous insurance? – Insurance companies want to know you have had continuous insurance coverage and you aren’t putting insurance on your home just to make a claim against something that needs to be fixed.
  1. Any insurance claims – Have you had any insurance claims? If you have, you can forget about having a lower house insurance premium. Insurance companies don’t like to see previous claims against insurance.

  1. The package deal includes Auto – If you purchase auto insurance with your homeowner’s insurance you will receive a discount on your insurance. This is a bundled package and insurance companies will be happy to make the profit of both insurances.

The more responsible you can look to an insurance company, the more likely you will be to have a lower-priced quote.

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