How to Help a Child Overcome Jealousy on a Sibling’s Birthday

Parents with children fairly close in age know this scenario all too well – the birthday child is enjoying being showered with gifts and attention while a sibling is pouting in the corner or having a full scale meltdown due to jealousy. Nothing take away your joy at seeing your child fully enjoy their birthday faster than having your other child being consumed with misery due to jealousy. Here are some tips on how you can alleviate the sibling’s jealousy and ensure the birthday child is allowed to fully enjoy their day.

Give The Sibling A Token Gift. This is only appropriate for very young children and should strictly be a small, dollar store gift. Since the children in my family have always been born within a year or two apart, it has become customary to bring an extra gift for the sibling while attending a birthday party. New crayons and a coloring book or a small action figure from the dollar store is a very easy and inexpensive gesture that soothes the toddler or preschool child who has a difficult time understanding that their brother or sister is simply enjoying the same perks on their birthday that they will when their day arrives. Some people may not agree with this tactic, but I can tell you from experience that it usually does the trick.

Involve The Sibling In The Birthday Preparations. Giving the sibling of the birthday child small tasks and responsibilities to prepare for the party and make the guests comfortable will surely help to take the child’s mind off the fact that they are not in the spotlight for that day. Even the youngest of children can set up birthday party items on the table, greet guests and gather wrapping paper to be thrown away. Children thrive when feeling important and needed. Sharing the responsibilities of hosting a successful and fun birthday child with the jealous sibling will help to direct their attention elsewhere and give them positive feelings about helping.

Offer Extra Attention The Day Of The Birthday Party. You will certainly have your hands full on the day of your child’s birthday, but carving out a few extra minutes for cuddling and one on one conversation with the birthday child’s sibling will help to make the child feel less out of the picture. Giving relatives and friends the heads up that your child is exhibiting signs of jealousy about their sibling’s birthday will encourage them to give that child extra attention as well. The parents can plan Surprise your son with some lovely birthday wishes. The happiness of the children will be increased through the surprise presented to them. 

Invite A Special Friend Of The Child To Attend The Birthday Party. You may have planned a big birthday party with family and friends of the birthday child and feel that you are at your maximum of party guests, but consider inviting one more. Including a special friend of the sibling to attend the festivities will help to distract the child and make the day that much more fun. With their own friend to entertain and spend time with, your child may quickly forget about their jealousy and get down to the business of thoroughly enjoying the birthday party.

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