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Sims- Experience Open World With Friends

Do you love playing open world games, then there is nothing better than Sims, which is extremely popular, and it comes in different versions like 1,2,3, and 4, so if you are ready, then all you need to do is download the game right on your device. It is not an easy task to make a decision among sims 3 or sims 4 2021, which is why all you need to do is stay till the end of the article.

You will get freedom as you can roam anywhere in the game, and also, there are many missions too that you need to fulfill. So if you are ready, then make sure to go for it without any second thought at all. It comes with different functionalities that will make this game much easier for you to play. So if you are ready, then all you need to do is go for it and play.

The best part about this is that you can play with real friends as you have to play it like you are in the real world. Also, there is nothing much you need to consider about as you will get easy controls. The very first difference you will come to notice about that in sims 4, the world will be big and open, and in sims three the world will be limited, so this is the thing that you need to keep in mind.

Customize according to your needs

You can do a lot of customizations according to your needs and desires as over there you will find different options to choose from. At first, you need to choose the style by the help of which you can edit the character virtually by your own imagination and the tools that will be provided to you in the game. You can change the color of your hair, clothes, or virtually anything of your character.

You can use a color wheel for it, which will make it much easier for you to choose the color and customize the gameplay easily. In sims 4 you will come to notice that this version has taken the customization level to the whole other experience, which means you can now buy the expansion packs too, like of cats and dogs. It will apply in the open world.

Experience the open world

If you are a fan of the open world, then sims 4 is the game you should consider in mind. The love for roaming anywhere in the open world is the number one reason that why people choose this game over others. Also, you will get a home to decorate and maintain, and also you will get a virtual neighbor with which you can spend the day.

It will run according to your real time zone, like if there is night in your place, then you will notice the night in the game, too, which makes it more realistic to play on. You need to keep a check on your sim as you should feed him and also make sure to keep him clean by making him a bath.

Explore the huge map

If you want more places to visit in the game, then you should go for the Sims 4 because that is the only version in which you will find more places and a bigger map. It is the another reason why you should go for the Sims 4, and also the best thing is that there is nothing like limitations in the game. So if you are ready, then make sure to download it from the official site as by there, you will get to have extension packs too.

You should never forget to download the extension packs as with the help of that, and you will be able to find this game more interesting as there will be more like pets you will come to see.

Enjoy the realistic characters.

The graphics of this game is absolutely stunning, which is why the characters you will come to see will look amazing as well as realistic. It is sure that the graphics of sims 4 is far better than the sims 3, so playing a game with real people and realistic looking character will let you enjoy this game more than its predecessors. Your journey will begin by creating a character, and at that moment, you need to be very careful.

It is because once the sims are created, then it will be you till the end, so you must be patient and make a good decision like fascinating colors, hair styles, face shape, and much more. In this way, you can be able to create the best sim that you can take within your game. Your character will describe you, which is why you need to keep this thing in mind.

Difference between Sims 3 and Sims  4

There are loads of differences, but we will be going to consider the essential one that will help in making you better understand about it, so if you are ready, then below are some of the differences for you-

  • Complete customization

In the sims three, you will find full customizations available, while on the other hand, in sims 4 you will get this feature only if you are about to create a pet. So this is the number one thing that you need to keep in mind.

  • Transportation

In the sims 3 you will get cars, while on the other hand in sims 4 you will get no transportation at all. So now the decision is up to you as you should consider them in mind and choose the version of the game.

  • Toddler

In sims 3 you will find that the toddler stage of life is available, while in sims 4 it has been removed, so if anyone love to play a role of a toddler, then you should go for the third party.

These are some of the differences that you need to keep in mind, which will be going to help you in choosing the best version as per your need and desires.

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