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What Are The Best Possible 6-Ways To Get Genuine Instagram Followers For Free?

Social media has taken a toll on this generation. Does that mean only kids and certain groups of people are actively involved? No, even adults, older people are actively involved in every aspect of social media. Similarly, we have grown to like Instagram. The obsession over this application increased over time, and eventually, it ended up becoming a platform that has led many to fame and many to unknown. So who are you? What do you want to become? 

Naturally, you need followers! We present to you some of the most authentic ways of getting Instagram followers for free! Try massgress today!

What are the easiest ways of gaining followers? 

We have hand-picked some of the tried and tested formulas of gaining followers on Instagram: 

  • Initiate with a thoughtful Instagram strategy

why do you need more followers? Are you a brand trying to promote yourself? Are you an artist trying to walk on the path to success? What is your motive for this aspect? Once you have decided this, you need to set your target audience. Who do you relate to? Who will effortlessly get appealed by your products and services? If you have made your plan, the next step won’t be arduous!

  • What is your brand story? 

is there a brand story? There has to be! Why did you come up with that name? Why did you choose to represent you with that idea? You need to reciprocate every thought that you have through an aesthetic and crafty profile. Your profile not only needs to induce and attract people but also tell your story. 

Focus on the following factors to make your account more attractive –

  • Name – use a keyword that is a part of Instagram, so your profile comes first when someone searches for you. 
  • Username – keep your username consistent everywhere. Please do not change it for different platforms. It will improve memory retention in your target audience. 
  • Website – do you have a website? Drop it on your bio so that people show more trust in you. 
  • Bio – take about 150 characters to show who you are. It should explain to your visitors why they should follow you!
  • Share engaging content – what is the point of an Instagram profile if you are not able to share content that attracts everyone? The content you post must be engaging so that people can relate to it. 
  • Get creative with hashtags – hashtags are commonly used on Instagram. It is a proven method of gaining followers. Try creating hashtags that promote your brand or support a cause that suits your post as well as improves your brand image. 
  • Cross-promote hashtags – try using your best hashtags on platforms other than Instagram. You can use them on your business cards, other social media platforms, comments sections of popular topics. 
  • Descriptive caption – your caption should not be misleading. It should define the image you have posted in simpler and shorter words. It is the art of marketing! 

We hope that these methods will enthrall the audience into seeking your profile! For more information, try massgress today!

Brian Singleton a retired news editor and tech enthusiast. He shares a deep love for science and technology and wishes to connect with others through this his content.

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