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Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrencies

You must have heard about Cryptocurrencies as the currencies of the future, but what exactly are these cryptocurrencies, what is cryptocurrency trading, what are the Best Crypto Signals? In order to answers, all these questions here we are are will all the information that you need to know about cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that allows you to exchange money over the internet with the help of blockchain technology that makes all these online transactions completely decentralized, transparent, and immutable.

All these features make Cryptocurrencies quite popular as there is no central authority that is there to control all these online transactions. Moreover, all this also makes Cryptocurrencies theoretically immune to any interference from government bodies.

With the help of public keys, you can directly send Cryptocurrencies to anyone across the globe without the help of third-party services such as Banks. This significantly reduces the transaction fees and the overall time of the whole process.

With Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that consist of a network of peers, as you initiate any transaction you will find that a complete record and history of your transaction are stored online making all these transactions transparent.

Additionally, once you finish your transaction, the whole network will be updated and your transaction will get confirmed in a short amount of time. This is where Cryptocurrency miners are going to help you by confirming your transaction and for that they are rewarded by the network with bitcoins.

Moreover, once you are done with any transaction it will be stored online and that record can not be edited or deleted by anyone on that network. This is what makes blockchain a really useful and decentralized way of storing online records of transactions.

Now that Cryptocurrencies are a global trend you will find it really hard to find any financial institution that is now aware of its potential and how blockchain technology can completely revolutionize the finance sector.


As there is no central authority that is regulating the task of mining, anyone out there can become a miner as long as they have the necessary hardware and knowledge. This is how these Cryptocurrencies avoid the domination of any authority over the network.

In order to start working as a miner, you need to invest computational powers of their computers over the network. For that, they need to find Hash ( a type of cryptographic function) that allows them to connect the new block to the blockchain. SHA 256 Hash algorithm is the name that is given to this process.


There is no need for you to know what this algorithm is all about, but it is important that you learn about the basis of mining in which you need to solve cryptographic puzzles in order to become a miner. Once you solve these cryptographic puzzles you are rewarded with bitcoins which is the only valid way through which bitcoins are created.

As you see an increase in computational power over time, there is a certain amount of bitcoins that you can generate over time. This is why it is really important that you keep this factor in your mind as you start with the mining process.


  1. One of the most amazing features that you get with bitcoins is its decentralized nature. There is no central authority that governs over these Cryptocurrencies. This is why once you are through any transaction there is no way you can get a refund on that transaction. Moreover, if your account gets hacked you won’t be able to retrieve any of your Cryptocurrencies as well.
  2. With Cryptocurrencies, you get anonymity as you can easily send Cryptocurrencies to anyone without disclosing your real identity.
  3. With the help of Cryptocurrencies, you can easily send and receive money from anyone across the globe in a matter of minutes without paying anything extra for that. This is where you will find bitcoins to be more lucrative and beneficial than any of the banking services that are out there.
  4. The bitcoin network is also really secure as you get strong cryptography along with private keys that you can use in order to access your crypto fund. All these make bitcoin addresses more secure and safe.
  5. Lastly, you do not have to take any permission from anyone to use Cryptocurrencies. You can easily download the required software that you need in order to manage your Cryptocurrencies and thereafter you can easily receive and transfer your preferred bitcoins easily.


Over time there were different types of cryptocurrencies that were introduced. Bitcoin is the most popular among all the Cryptocurrencies that are out there. Here is a list of different Cryptocurrencies that are out there including bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin
    This is the most popular Cryptocurrency that is out there considering the fact that the origin of bitcoin leads to the development of all the other cryptocurrencies that are out there. With its price increasing from 0 to ~650 USD, bitcoin is definitely going to stay in the market for a really long time.

  • Ethereum
    There were some limitations to bitcoins which lead to the rise of Ethereum a Cryptocurrency that offers you the option of storing complex programs and contracts on the blockchain. The flexibility that you get with Ethereum makes it a perfect alternative to bitcoin when it comes to its business applications. Additionally, Ethereum is hots to several token currencies such as Augur and DigixDAO.

  • Ripple
    Ripple or XRP is another popular Cryptocurrency that is out there specially designed for networks to process IOUs rather than the currency itself. It is basically used to protect the network from spam. With Ripple, all the coins that are out there are pre-mined making it obsolete for miners to mine Ripple. It is also quite popular in banking sector considering the fact that there are banks that have joint Ripple network.

  • Litecoin
    Although Litecoin is less popular than bitcoin, with Litecoin you get a much better variant of bitcoin. As Litecoin is much faster, you get a larger amount of tokens, along with a new mining algorithm. It also leads to the origin of token currencies such as Dogecoin and Feathercoin. The only reason why Litecoin is not that popular is the fact that it is still under development and is not as popular as bitcoins yet.

  • Monero
  • When it comes to one of the most prominent examples of the CryptoNight algorithm you have Monero. This is the Cryptocurrency that is there to resolve the privacy issues that you get bitcoins. With the help of Monero, you can edit the blockchain information really easily making it quite popular in 2016. Although the price of Monero has increased significantly the overall usage is still really low.


    There are several limitations to the use of these cryptocurrencies as well.

  • The scalability is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to Cryptocurrencies.
  • As most of the Cryptocurrency transaction and trading is done online, there is a huge risk of cyberattacks and cyber theft that is involved with Cryptocurrencies.
  • Since there are no regulations and governing authority there are several issues that you might face with the use of Cryptocurrencies.
  • Lastly, the price volatility of Cryptocurrencies is a major problem for investors and traders making it really difficult for them to predict its value.CONCLUSIONThe market of cryptocurrencies is quite big and uncertain as of now. With constant development and upgrades, we might witness a complete evolution and rise of these digital currencies on a global scale considering the fact that there are several advantages of adopting this amazing and versatile technology.
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